We finally have a fully complete human genome

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The completion of the human genome has been announced a couple of times in the past, but those were actually incomplete drafts. “We really mean it this time,” says Evan Eichler, a human geneticist and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at the University of Washington in alat suling. The completed genome is presented in a series of papers published online

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Tips to exercise safely in the heat

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Exercise alone can be hard, but exercising in the heat is a whole lot harder. Put simply, this is due to the balance between how much heat the body generates and how much it is capable of losing. Human core body temperature typically remains around 36.5°C to 37°C, with small fluctuations across the day. Larger changes above 40°C can be

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What’s the best way to deal with the heat?

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Heat stroke is a serious illness and those most at risk include adults aged over 65 years, babies and young children, pregnant women, people with existing medical conditions and those on particular medications. Most obviously, those who already have heart problems are at particular risk. Such is the risk of heat illness that 10,000 excess deaths occurred during a heatwave

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