Here at Hells 500 and The Climbing Cyclist we’re all about the adventure of cycling. Sure, we might do the odd crazy ride from time to time, but underlying it all is a desire to ride nice roads, tackle great climbs, challenge ourselves and have fun in the process.

And what better way to achieve those goals than by tackling some of the biggest and best cycling climbs in the country with a great bunch of like-minded individuals.

Domestique run supported group rides to help cyclists of all abilities conquer the Victorian Alps and complete Tourism North East’s 7 Peaks Ride.

On paper, the challenge is simple: conquer Victoria’s seven biggest alpine peaks before the end of March. But in reality it’s never that easy. You mightn’t be familiar with the climbs, you might be reluctant to ride on your own, or maybe you don’t think you’re strong enough to get over the climbs. That’s where we come in.

If you’re committed to completing the climbs, we’re committed to helping you. We’ll be like a personal tour guide, coach and motivational speaker, all in one. We’ve ridden all the climbs and we’ve got plenty of experience when it comes to long rides in the mountains.

We’ll let you know what to expect of the climbs, offer you climbing-related advice, encourage you to continue when you’re suffering and, ultimately, help you get through the climbs in one piece.

This is our fifth season running events that coincide with 7 Peaks and over the past four years we’ve had a lot of fun. 

Andy van Bergen & Matt de Neef


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